The Circle

Adventure log # 5

Adventure log # 5

Trying to get as much information our of the High Priest of Bane (Theldrick) as his journal as possible, we learned that the Temple of Myrkul is probably some labyrint of some sort. Bael, Lord of Assassins, is supposed to be more direct (strangely, his favored weapon is a longsword).

Theldrick‘s journal implied Bael’s temple harbored a magical/summoned beast of some sort, whom they refer to as the Overgod, while Myrkul‘s temple harbored a labyrint and a ’Faceless One’ whom we should be careful of, as this Faceless One is definitely a mage.
Razièl found a captured animal, wanting to try and help this poor creature. Lumen, Voren and I decided that time was of the essence and we decided to clear Bael’s Temple.

We cleared Bael’s Temple, they all fought to death, minions and also Grallak, the aforementioned monster-beast.

Note to self: Make sure Lumen doesn’t jump again without proper help.

Adventure log # 4

Notes to remember:
There are 6 big mines in Diamond Lake:
Balabar Schmenck
Rachnalin Dourstone (Dourstone Mine)
Shawn Gunworth
Ellivan Moonmeadow
Gelg Tilgas
Luzanne Parron

Both Razièl and Voren entrusted Lumen and I with what had transpired in the Whispering Cairn, leaving us all puzzled and confused. I was trusted not to mention, as this is their story to tell, thus I shall not make any more notes about this.

The four of us, after giving a proper funeral to Temperance, fallen friend in combat, decided to stay in Diamond Lake for a bit more. We soon came to learn this city is what a man can call corrupt; shady business and behind the counter deals are not uncommon here.
We met wizard, Allustan, who is the brother of the mayor in this town. Allustan is very worried about the Dourstone Mine (the mine where the Green Worms rumors come from). Also, he let us know that Filch has escaped prison once again, even all the evidence of his evil plots and research are gone. Allustan thinks there is a temple somewhere near/in this city, presumably under Dourstone Mine.
We talked over this and decided to check out this time. If there is a temple regarding these Green Worms, we better stop this nonsense and blasphemy immediately.

We decided to push our luck with Balabar Schmenck (as he is a rival of Rachnalin Dourstone) and got a meeting with him. Balabar told us (although we definitely know he lied about some things) he was contacted a while ago by some group to make some drops with clothing/food in town. He’s being threatened right now by them. He confirmed there is some sort of cult in Dourstone Mine and he can get us inside in two days as a job opportunity.

We met up with Allustan once more, who used Divine Favor to see if we could get inside the mine as mine workers (answer: Yes, but it wouldn’t be nice).

During the two days waiting period we found out more about the disappearance of Filch: the mayor demanded Captain of the Guards Tolliver to release Filch.

After two days Balabar made us look like thieves, and as a punishment we were send to the Dourstone Mine. We all hoped this disgrace was worth it.

Inside the mines we quickly discovered an entrance to a lower area and a hidden elevator. Riding the elevator down we indeed came across a temple of some sort. And lo behold, it was something we never expected.
We stood inside some ritual chamber of some sorts, one side a staircase spiraling to a higher level, in the middle a pool with black water that was definitely magic.
3 doors in different directions were the only ways we could go to:

  • Door with a Gauntlet Fist. Symbol of Bane, Lord of Strive.
  • Door with a skull with a triangle under it. Symbol of Myrkul, Lord of Death.
  • Door with skull inside a circle of red rubies. Symbol of Bael, Lord of Assassins.
    This must be linked to the Ebon Triad, a small group within the aforementioned 3 churches.

As our presence alerted priests from the Temple of Bane, we eradicated all of them, apart from the high priest, Theldrick.

Adventure log # 3

Adventure log # 3

Lumen and I decided to pay Kellog a visit, who was currently residing inside the fancy Lazaar’s House. Lumen, with all her female charms, was very capable on her own to gain a lot of information from Kellog himself. Kellog told her his group was currently clearing the Sturches’ Nest and already found some very promising items. His group consisted of himself, a female underling and a male underling (who he dislikes). His group, marked by the 8 pointed star, is called the Seekers. The Seekers travel throughout the entire Forgotten Realms in search of lost and old artifacts. Lumen also found out this city resides 6 big mine employers, each having their own symbol.

After we met up with Razièl en Vooren again, Lumen was very surprised to receive a letter from her sister, which told us the answers to many question Lumen had written in her two letters, one of them who she had brought to the post office not even an hour ago. Lumen’s sister turned out to be a great source of information: She told us the sigil which was found throughout the Whispering Cairn has a direct connection to the current ruler of Calmishan, who bury their honored dead far away to protect their tombs from enemies. The sigil is connected to an old archeolist named Nadroc, whose last task was to build a tomb for an air duke named Zosiel (all not verifiable though).
She also told us these Seekers are very dangerous and we better not provoke them or let them know our current task.

We continued our pursuit for more information. We gathered that the tattood arm belonged to a comrade of a small band (And Orc named Cullen was in charge of them), working under one of the 6 mine employers, Balabar Schmenck, who was said to be a corrupted bastard. The band usually gathered inside the local tavern, the Feral Dog.

We went to the local tavern, making a slight miscalculation in bringing the baby owlbear with us as well. Forced to trade away the owlbear pup, we did make sure to get all the information we needed, and tried to make sure they will sell the owlbear pup alive.
Cullen’s band told us they dug up the bodies of the Land family, the task was generally paid for by a local necromancer who lived nearby.
We immediately went to the hideout to stop these foul buisiness. Encountering a lot of undead bodies and skeletons, we were surprised to find out the necromancer was no other than Filch, the necromancer who we already caught once and send to jail.

We got Filch to talk; he told us he was tasked by Balabar Schmenck to research green worms and unkillable zombies, as the Southern Hills (in the Dourstone Mines, owned by another mine emloyer) was filled with these kind of worms. These worms can infiltrate one’s body and turn them into a zombie. The green worms originate from Kyuss, who created a giant army of powerful zombies and even dragons more than a 1000 years ago.
We handed over Filch to the authority, although he asked us if he could join for an expedition to Dourstone. We politely refused.

Finally we were able to properly bury the bones of the entire Land family and we could finally make out way to the last room of the Whispering Cairn.

Of interest to note down is that our entire party had the same dream that night: a skull came flying towards us, waking us the moment the skull was about to collide. The skull could represent Myrkul, the old God of Death, although it didn’t make sense.

We went back to the Whispering Cairn entering the last room. This room was filled with air filled fresco’s on each wall depicting battle of the Air Dukes against e.g. a Sphere of Annihilation (which got pushed by a talisman of the sphere). Almost the entire w\room was a giant void down, only a few small bridges were made to the middle of the room, where one could step upon a stone which then went up by force of air.

I do not have the right words to retell what happened inside that last room. My trusted comrades Razièl, Temperance and Vooren all fought bravely, yet only Lumen and I were alive at the end of the last guard of the Whispering Cairn. Lumen and I checked, we were very sure of it!, but they had fallen in combat.
Yet when we returned to the town to gather help of the church of Ilmatar, and later returned to the Cairn, Razièl and Vooren were alive and well. Only Temperance had fallen in battle.
I do not know what happened, maybe I will never know, but for now I am very content that my friends and comrades had not left this world yet.

Adventure log # 2
by Artemis Lyonsbane

After clearing the cairn superficially of the undead creatures and vermin we found, we spend the night in a nearby empty miner’s office. We decided to go back to the cairn in the morrow and remove all potentially dangerous traps and magic tricks as adventurers and youngsters might still come there.

Of interest was a room filled with magic in one of the below spaces. The room was bare save for a few stone slabs and a golem in the middle of the room. We found out the room was filled with enchantment magic, so one who entered would feel sleepy and want to lay down on the stone slabs. However, the golem was programmed to kill anyone laying down on the slabs. Horrifying that such an elaborate trap was set for anyone, we destroyed the golem so this room was no longer a threat. Of interest was that every stone slab bore the same non-magical compass-like symbol.

We then tried to remove another trap: Razièl and Voren climbed up the long rope towards a secret passage, which was blocked by a magic trap. Razièl tried removing the trap, but found out this trap was both ruthless as too powerful for all of us: first paralyzing anyone coming near and then blowing such strong winds they would fall to their demise while being conscious all the time.

Finally, we checked the elevator shafts again. The one leading to the old bathhouse was already destroyed by us, while the third shaft was a trap.
The first shaft seemed to lead to a dead end as a giant rock slab blocked our way, but we fortunately could push the slab out of the way, revealing another corridor, filled with amazing sculpted statues. Made by exquisite craftsmanship, the statues resembled very graceful beings, making us aware this tomb has been created for a Wind Duke.
Following the corridor to a lonely room, we found the last lantern. Of interest was a bed with a painting hung above it, picturing a figure on it spreading its arms, like leaning in to brace the one on the bed.
Another lonely room on the opposite side of the corridor revealed a ceiling with faint light and a pedestral with a very strange magical egg on it; symbols of Ogrimog were found on the egg. We decided to not touch the egg until we researched it, as this might be very dangerous to remove such an item.

Placing the missing lantern in the Unremarkable Room, my dear friends heard the sound of stone-on-stone sliding above us; the horrible trap had disappeared!
All climbing up (save for Temperance) we explored the next bit of the cairn. A room with a big hole filled with lead cannonballs, with a narrow beam above it, and holes in the wall as to shoot people off the beam, was obviously a test. Razièl smartly climbed across while secured by a rope rather than walking over the beam. Yet the door to the other room wouldn’t open as we encountered a spirit of a dead young boy. We quickly identified the child as ‘Land’, a boy who disappeared +/- 30 years ago. He told us he fell down in this room and was brutally eaten by some monster down below.
Razièl promised the spirit to retrieve his fallen body and bury it at his own home. In return, the spirit would grant us entry to the other room. All of us agreed, as this spirit is in need of our help.

We temporarily defeated the Grick monster inside the ball-filled hole, and Razièl retrieved the boy’s body. We then returned to Diamond Lake where we split up. Razièl and I went to the boy’s farmhouse to bury him, while Lumen and Voren would stay in the city and try to investigate the truth behind the fallen adventurers who each bared a seven star symbol on their clothing.

Razièl and I found the farmhouse with relative ease, yet when we found a small family grave side, we were shocked to learn the graves had been robbed about two days ago. As this is heresy and a most despicable crime, we will deal with this before burying the body of the Land boy. The graves read the names Bemissa (mother), Anders (father), Colderan and Alander (children).

The house had been long empty, yet a wild mother Owlbear housed there. Razièl dealt with the angry and murderous animal, leaving behind a small helpless cub which Razièl took with him for now. We also found a torn off arm, which caught my interest as a very uncommon tattoo was branded on the skin: later I was reminded of an entrance of a mine in Diamond Lake, bearing the same symbols.

Razièl then tracked the bootprints of the grave robbers all the way back to town, where we found out the robbers cross the main road almost daily. Meanwhile, Lumen and Voren found out (via a smithy) that the leader Kellog of the adventuring gang wore a ring with a seven pointed star.

We spend the night inside the church of Ilmatar, scheduling to pay a visit to Kellog tomorrow.

The start
From Velprintalar to Diamond Lake

This is where the story started for our heroes.

While doing their duties in assisting a poor widow and her two children they are approached by an acolyte of Kelemvor. The man waits patiently, not wanting to disturb the ceremony, before delivering a message from the High Priest himself. Their presence is required at the temple, that is all they hear.
Artemis, Lumen, Raziel and Voren set out at once, as message from Boreás Duskbringer is not ignored lightely. So far Boreás has been supportive of their efforst in name of Kelemvor, the capture of the Necromance known as Filge was made sure the group was recognized as full agents of Kelemvor within Velprintalar.

Upon arriving at the temple they found the Duskbringer in a conversation with Kalam, a travelling Cleric. Their arrival was timely as Kalam quickly made his exit, dodging whatever conclusion their conversation was heading to. As the Duskbringer took them he explained why they called upon, a dire message had been delivered by Kalam. It appeared the mining town of Diamond Lake was experiencing trouble with adventurers that were intent upon looting the ancient tombs around the lake. They were tasked by Duskbringer to clear these tombs once and for all bringing with them any items they found. All spirits within these tombs must be laid to rest permanently and the clearing of these areas should be made know to prevent more graverobbers from going to Diamond Lake.

A swift journey by coach brought our heroes to the bustling town of Diamond Lake, it quickly became clear that the lake that gave the town its name was however anything but diamond. Arriving in the dead of night gave our heroes a chance to explore the nightlife of Diamond Lake. After some fruitful mingling with the locals they took their rest in the local temple of Illmatar. At night one of the heroess left the group as he had some unfinished business to settle.
In the morning they were greeted by a cleric of Illmatar who was surprised to find several fellow clergy staying in the temple. After explaining their mission the cleric suggested they visit the cartographer of the village calledDietrick Cicedae, to preserve the authenticity of his work he was situated in the garrisson. It quickly became clear that their word wasn’t enought in this town as Tolliver Trask, the garrisson commander, demanded proof of their mission and identity. In the end he suggested visiting the boneyard, that is after all were the faith of Kelemvor tends to be represented. Why the commander was so skeptical was unclear but our heroes nonetheless set out for the boneyard.
The Diamond Lake boneyard was larger then expected, a miners town has a tendency to fill up graves quickly. Surprised by a visit from fellow Kelemvites the 3 acolytes present quickly joined them in a cleansing and concecration of the boneyard. After explaining their dilemma it was revealed that Berek, one of the three acolytes, was in fact the one who warned Kalam an asked for help. With Berek’s help the heroes quickly found themselves back in the garrisson talking to the cartographer, on their way there Voren joined the group once again. The old cartographer was very helpfull and gave them all the information he could spare, Lumen (with her knowledge of charts and maps) quickly managed to retrieve all the needed to set out. She even discovered a small abandoned building where they could make their base during their exploration of the tombs. A quick stop at the general store provided the heroes with all they needed.
Although it took them most of the day to journey into the hills and find their base they were determined to drive onwards. After diner they set out once again and quickly found their destination, the Whispering Cairn.

Upon entering the Cairn Raziel found some tracks suggesting wolves had passed here recently, this put the heroes on guard. Their initial exploration revealed little, a moldy bedroll was in fact the only interesting find so far. Things changed quickly as a pack of wolves tried to ambush our heroes, some quick thinking and teamwork however was all it took to put the beasts down. The Cairn was bigger then expected, further exploration and prodding revealed a brilliant mechanism the architect put in place involving elevators connecting different parts of the tomb. One of the elevators however was damaged and collapsed upon itself sending a chittering swarm of acid beetles into the midst of the heroes. Combat was swift and brutal, several of the group were wounded but Kelemvor’s blessing was with them. Raziel made quick work of another nest on a different level but unfortunately he unleashed a giant bombardier beetle on the group. After having barely any time to rest the group was thrust into another fight, weapons and magic however quickly ended the fight with only Raziel being somewhat singed by the acid.
Further exploration revealed another level of the tomb and the group faced their hardest challenge so far. In a submerged part of the tomb a foul Ghoul had made it’s lair, the undead being quickly felled Raziel with it’s paralyzing touch and pulled him behind a locked door. As the Ghoul prepared to feast upon his body the rest of the group bashed through the door and put the undead down. Being wearied and wounded they decided that the best course of action would be to head back to the abondoned building and put down for the night.


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