Artemis Lyonsbane


Name: Artemis Lyonsbane
Age: 50
Appearance: Brown greying hair, caucasian skin, very beautiful green eyes, crude facial features; he almost always wears a scarf to cover up the lower part of his face as he’s cursed with a panther-scarred face. Combined with his deafness he has a distinct way of speaking. Simple wardrobe.
Character: LN. Moral Justice, the natural circle of life and death is of great importance to him (the result is more important than the road to the result, but takes heed to never hurt innocents). He is naive about the world outside his home town as he only read stories in books and heard modified and glorified stories from adventurers and tourists.
Loves: White lies, sweet breads
Hates: Undeads, fish


Artemis is a 50 years old healthy man. He has blood ties with Kelemvor Lyonsbane (far blood ties though), from his mother’s side. Artemis his life got decided when he was 14 years old and got involved in an accident. He was attacked by wild beasts, who gave him very large head wounds. His hearing channel got irreversibly damaged and his face got partially deformed because of their bite marks. His wounds seemed to heal unnaturally well, however, his lower jaw got deformed which made him look like a monster himself (specifically: a panther).
His parents didn’t see this as a curse but as a blessing from the Kelemvor family. Artemis was destined to spend the rest of his life serving the Kelemvor Church as a priest. He didn’t have much to say in this as being only son and still a youngster. He trained in the finer arts of healing people and quickly found out he had a gift for curing those who were in need.
Later in his life, he attained higher ranks within the church, often the one who led funerals and daily prayers. Outside of the church Artemis was barely tolerated in his younger years as he looked like a monster and had problems understanding people because he was deaf. He never traveled, both because of his look, but even more as his parents were opposed to it. When he was older, he started taking care of his parents, making travelling no option either. Because of his sense of duty, he agreed with the destiny his parents picked for him, and throughout the years he accepted and even embraced this destiny. He made something positive out of his destiny and now he’s older he knows how to reap the harvest of his powers and position in the church. Throughout the years he also learned to disguise his face and leant to lip-read, so outsiders and tourists don’t think he is a demon or something evil to begin with.

His father had passed away about ten years ago, and last year Artemis had to say goodbye to his mother as well. Except for far away cousins and nieces, Artemis doesn’t have any family left. Because of his facial distortion he never got married.

Artemis had always wanted to see the world. He read a lot of books and loved the stories that outsiders and tourists told him. Now that he isn’t bound to his home town anymore, he agreed to help out the church by going on errands and quests with his friends.

Artemis Lyonsbane

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