Razièl Empyrean

Inquisitor: Sacred Huntsmaster



The objective was clear.
Find the missing party who were sent out to investigate rumors of demonic activity close to the Peaks of Flame located deep inside the massive jungles of Chult.
They were told only to investigate from a safe distance and retreat at any sign of danger.

It did not take long for the young adventuring party to find the first of the missing adventurers.
They all felt Razièl’s pain as they discovered her to be of Garuda-blooded descent as well.
Garreth Stoutbeard was the first to break the awkward silence as they watched the Aasimar’s body lying dead on the ground.
“Ah truly feel fur ye bairn, but Ah am afraid ‘at we hae tae keep oan movin’ forward.”
It took Razièl a few seconds to regain his composure, but then nodded at the Dwarf in agreement.

The party moved on, only to find more and more dead bodies. Whoever did this clearly did not discriminate as they discovered all kinds of different species lying dead on the ground.

They eventually started picking up sounds of combat in the far distance. As instructed they flew up to stay safe from any possible danger.
Flying closer to the sound, they found themselves at the edge of the jungle. Looking over a battlefield that stretched out all the way up to the edge of a mountain pass nearby.

In the distance they saw someone charging forward on a mount. They believed it to be the last survivor and quickly flew down to her aid. Only to be seized with horror as they uncovered what abomination she was charging towards.

A gargantuan demonic being, with magical chains floating around its massive body. The bold and fearless woman charging forward while managing to evade all the chains that were slamming hard into the ground next to her.
Clearly unfazed with the threat standing right in front of her. Something that could not be said for the young inexperienced scouting party, who now realized that they made a fatal mistake. That mistake did not come in the form of a demonic entity far away in the distance, but by the sudden appearance of Kyton outsiders, better known as chained devils. Not only where these devils mystically flying around them, a trait not commonly known to be possessed by these creatures, they appeared different than in the story’s written about them.
Even till this day has Razièl never encountered any reference to what he saw that day. Their flesh had either parts missing or was rotting away, carrying an stench of death and decay, a very distinct smell commonly associated with the undead.
The devils had managed to catch them off guard, making it easy for them to wrap their chains around the young adventurers dragging them back down to the ground.


Razièl had to watch in horror as he saw the arms and limbs being pulled off from one of his friends. While letting his limbless torso fall to the ground, screaming with pain as he quickly bled out to die a horrible death.
The devils suddenly stopped, they even had a look of surprise after bursting out in laughter. Laughter…they seemed very amused by not only the sight of their dying victim, but more sow on how easy it went.
They were so accustomed facing only experienced combat ready adventurers, that they were genuinely surprised how weak this group actually was.
That did not stop their cruel intentions however as they proceeded by picking out their next victim, which was Razièl himself.
In a strange unreal way was he actually relieved being the second one, as that would mean the horror would soon be over and he would not have to see and experience even more twisted ways in which they were planning to kill his friends. His wings, his one and only pride, were the first to go. They ripped them off without any warning or remorse, only laughter was the sound that he could hear over his own screams he let out in excruciating pain.

He expected them to finish him now for good, but the devils had something even more malicious in mind.
Looking at the sky, while hearing the screams of agony from his friend who the devils clearly had not forgotten. He heard something else, the sound he now believes had to be the sound of a portal opening. It was hard to discern and even harder to remember now on what he then heard or how long the torture actually continued, but he still believes to correctly remember chanting behind him. Chanting that had to have been directed at him as he screamed even harder feeling his entire body burn from the inside. Causing him to faint from the immense pain he had to endure.

He woke up, still hearing screams and fighting in the distance, while feeling a sharp pain in his right shoulder.
Someone or something was biting hard in his shoulder, slowly dragging him away from the battlefield and into the jungle. He must have passed out for another second or so, as he suddenly realized he was lying at the entrance of a small cave. While feeling a creature licking the wounds on his body.

He got a little scare as he noticed the creature to be Stegosaurus.
A dinosaur species that can only be found in jungle like areas such as these.
As he painfully tried to get up, he looked around. Far larger dinosaurs than the one licking his wounds where in the cave as well, albeit all dead. The devils clearly focused on anything living and the dinosaurs were no exception.
The young Stegosaurus must have thought that Razièl was fighting the devils and therefor trying to protect his family from the devils. Which is why he must have tried saving him, by dragging him all the way back to his home.


Razièl had no idea how the young dinosaur managed to do it, but the bleeding from his now malformed back had stopped.
Not that it really helped him deal with the pain, but it gave him a fighting chance.
He knew the devils would soon come looking for him, so he mustered all his strength to get back up on his feet and started walking out of the cave.
The stegosaurus watched him leave, but suddenly started walking after him. Razièl looked back as he saw the young dinosaur stare at him. He gave him a nod while trying to let out a little smile.
“I feel for you, my friend. You have lost everything and now you are stuck with me. Let us find a way out of here before they find us”.

Little did he know that finding a way out of the jungles of Chult was not as easy as one would have hoped.
The duo traveled for more than 2 years to finally reach the jungle’s border. They learned to survive these jungles only by trial and error. A method he would never have recommended to anyone, as everyday felt like a challenge to simply survive unto the next one.

He called his new found friend: Temperance. Named after the angel of who holds the elixir of life.
For he could not have come up with a better suited name for a creature who not only saved his life, but gave him life by miraculously stopping his wounds from bleeding out. A feat that the young dinosaurus unfortunately could not reproduce later on, but that mattered little to Razièl.

While managing to safely escape the devil’s clutches, he uncovered one last parting gift that was given to him by the rotten creatures. They came across a pond of water, where he dropped on his knees to get a sip of water. As he looked upon himself by gazing into the clear water’s reflection, he noticed that his entire body was covered in some sort of unholy looking tattoo. A tattoo he later learned to stand symbol for the diety Velsharoon the Vaunted, arch mage of Necromancy, Lord of the Forsaken.

Having to permanently bear this tattoo on his malformed wingless body was not the end of it. After finally coming back in contact with civilization on the outskirts of Chult, he quickly learned that him bearing the symbol of Velsharoon caused people to shy away from him. Not that they would turned hostile or anything extreme, but weren’t all to welcoming either.
Which made it hard for him to find a ship that could take him back to main land.

It took him a few weeks until he finally found a shady looking crew that was willing to take him in. They said they were heading to Aglarond for trading, yet had nothing to trade on board. Having no other choice then to agree to their terms, he joined the crew who made very clearly that everyone had to pull their weight on board.
Little did he know beforehand what that really meant.
In order to survive he had to do things that he is now very ashamed off. Still being in a survival mindset he tried desperately to convince himself that he had no other choice. Deep down though he knew that he crossed a line he should have never crossed. What he did during his stay on the ship was something he could never ever erase from his memory. There would be no chance for salvation anymore. All he could do was spend the rest of his life trying to do good, but the judgment he would face upon his death someday would see through it all and he knows that the day will come were he has to pay for all that he did.

It did not take him very long to distance himself from the crew as they arrived in Aglarond to pawn off the booty they ‘found’ on the seas.
First thing he did after leaving the ship was to gather more information on Velsharoon, hoping to find a way to get rid of whatever had been inflicted upon him.

His search brought him to the doorsteps of a place or worship that was devoted to the greater diety Kelemvor, who not only had information on but even went as far as to actively oppose Velsharoon.
While he was certain that no one could have informed them in advance of his arrival, he was greeted by a older looking man of the cloth. As if he was already expecting him.
He later learned that the man in question was actually an oracle, which explained why the man did not act surprised nor was put off by his appearance. The oracle directed him inside, where he was greeted by another man of the faith. Who was wearing the widely known trade marketed trench coat and hat that all who followed the path of the inquisitor had chosen to wear.
Little did he knew back then, that this man would actually become his mentor for many years to come. As he would decide soon after to devote the rest of his life in service of Kelemvor.

Razièl now spends most of his time learning and training.
He can be either found in a separate section of the library. Walking into this section one can quickly understand why only the inquisitors seem to come here on a regular basis, as all the books contain seem to contain either information on enemy weaknesses or on how to find said enemy.
It also contains an extensive collections of books from his favorite writer. A man known as Dr. Rudolph van Richten, who writes the most amazing and detailed story’s on creatures that can be found anywhere in the realms.
His mentor sometimes scoffs at the notion of van Richten , who according to Razièl, believes to be the best writer to have ever lived. For he claims van Richten sometimes tends to embellish his story’s a bit too much, speaking of ghosts for example who he claims to possess powers equal to those of a demigod. Yet even he had to admit that he has never encountered a writer who managed to write down so many accurate details on the undead as Dr. Rudolph van Richten.

If he isn’t busy reading in the library, he can be found outside in the courtyard training with Temperance.
Who he has been inseparable with ever since that dreaded life-altering day deep down in the jungles of Chult.

Razièl Empyrean

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