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Adventure log # 3

Adventure log # 3

Lumen and I decided to pay Kellog a visit, who was currently residing inside the fancy Lazaar’s House. Lumen, with all her female charms, was very capable on her own to gain a lot of information from Kellog himself. Kellog told her his group was currently clearing the Sturches’ Nest and already found some very promising items. His group consisted of himself, a female underling and a male underling (who he dislikes). His group, marked by the 8 pointed star, is called the Seekers. The Seekers travel throughout the entire Forgotten Realms in search of lost and old artifacts. Lumen also found out this city resides 6 big mine employers, each having their own symbol.

After we met up with Razièl en Vooren again, Lumen was very surprised to receive a letter from her sister, which told us the answers to many question Lumen had written in her two letters, one of them who she had brought to the post office not even an hour ago. Lumen’s sister turned out to be a great source of information: She told us the sigil which was found throughout the Whispering Cairn has a direct connection to the current ruler of Calmishan, who bury their honored dead far away to protect their tombs from enemies. The sigil is connected to an old archeolist named Nadroc, whose last task was to build a tomb for an air duke named Zosiel (all not verifiable though).
She also told us these Seekers are very dangerous and we better not provoke them or let them know our current task.

We continued our pursuit for more information. We gathered that the tattood arm belonged to a comrade of a small band (And Orc named Cullen was in charge of them), working under one of the 6 mine employers, Balabar Schmenck, who was said to be a corrupted bastard. The band usually gathered inside the local tavern, the Feral Dog.

We went to the local tavern, making a slight miscalculation in bringing the baby owlbear with us as well. Forced to trade away the owlbear pup, we did make sure to get all the information we needed, and tried to make sure they will sell the owlbear pup alive.
Cullen’s band told us they dug up the bodies of the Land family, the task was generally paid for by a local necromancer who lived nearby.
We immediately went to the hideout to stop these foul buisiness. Encountering a lot of undead bodies and skeletons, we were surprised to find out the necromancer was no other than Filch, the necromancer who we already caught once and send to jail.

We got Filch to talk; he told us he was tasked by Balabar Schmenck to research green worms and unkillable zombies, as the Southern Hills (in the Dourstone Mines, owned by another mine emloyer) was filled with these kind of worms. These worms can infiltrate one’s body and turn them into a zombie. The green worms originate from Kyuss, who created a giant army of powerful zombies and even dragons more than a 1000 years ago.
We handed over Filch to the authority, although he asked us if he could join for an expedition to Dourstone. We politely refused.

Finally we were able to properly bury the bones of the entire Land family and we could finally make out way to the last room of the Whispering Cairn.

Of interest to note down is that our entire party had the same dream that night: a skull came flying towards us, waking us the moment the skull was about to collide. The skull could represent Myrkul, the old God of Death, although it didn’t make sense.

We went back to the Whispering Cairn entering the last room. This room was filled with air filled fresco’s on each wall depicting battle of the Air Dukes against e.g. a Sphere of Annihilation (which got pushed by a talisman of the sphere). Almost the entire w\room was a giant void down, only a few small bridges were made to the middle of the room, where one could step upon a stone which then went up by force of air.

I do not have the right words to retell what happened inside that last room. My trusted comrades Razièl, Temperance and Vooren all fought bravely, yet only Lumen and I were alive at the end of the last guard of the Whispering Cairn. Lumen and I checked, we were very sure of it!, but they had fallen in combat.
Yet when we returned to the town to gather help of the church of Ilmatar, and later returned to the Cairn, Razièl and Vooren were alive and well. Only Temperance had fallen in battle.
I do not know what happened, maybe I will never know, but for now I am very content that my friends and comrades had not left this world yet.


lockdar marleendegraaff

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