The Circle

Adventure log # 4

Notes to remember:
There are 6 big mines in Diamond Lake:
Balabar Schmenck
Rachnalin Dourstone (Dourstone Mine)
Shawn Gunworth
Ellivan Moonmeadow
Gelg Tilgas
Luzanne Parron

Both Razièl and Voren entrusted Lumen and I with what had transpired in the Whispering Cairn, leaving us all puzzled and confused. I was trusted not to mention, as this is their story to tell, thus I shall not make any more notes about this.

The four of us, after giving a proper funeral to Temperance, fallen friend in combat, decided to stay in Diamond Lake for a bit more. We soon came to learn this city is what a man can call corrupt; shady business and behind the counter deals are not uncommon here.
We met wizard, Allustan, who is the brother of the mayor in this town. Allustan is very worried about the Dourstone Mine (the mine where the Green Worms rumors come from). Also, he let us know that Filch has escaped prison once again, even all the evidence of his evil plots and research are gone. Allustan thinks there is a temple somewhere near/in this city, presumably under Dourstone Mine.
We talked over this and decided to check out this time. If there is a temple regarding these Green Worms, we better stop this nonsense and blasphemy immediately.

We decided to push our luck with Balabar Schmenck (as he is a rival of Rachnalin Dourstone) and got a meeting with him. Balabar told us (although we definitely know he lied about some things) he was contacted a while ago by some group to make some drops with clothing/food in town. He’s being threatened right now by them. He confirmed there is some sort of cult in Dourstone Mine and he can get us inside in two days as a job opportunity.

We met up with Allustan once more, who used Divine Favor to see if we could get inside the mine as mine workers (answer: Yes, but it wouldn’t be nice).

During the two days waiting period we found out more about the disappearance of Filch: the mayor demanded Captain of the Guards Tolliver to release Filch.

After two days Balabar made us look like thieves, and as a punishment we were send to the Dourstone Mine. We all hoped this disgrace was worth it.

Inside the mines we quickly discovered an entrance to a lower area and a hidden elevator. Riding the elevator down we indeed came across a temple of some sort. And lo behold, it was something we never expected.
We stood inside some ritual chamber of some sorts, one side a staircase spiraling to a higher level, in the middle a pool with black water that was definitely magic.
3 doors in different directions were the only ways we could go to:

  • Door with a Gauntlet Fist. Symbol of Bane, Lord of Strive.
  • Door with a skull with a triangle under it. Symbol of Myrkul, Lord of Death.
  • Door with skull inside a circle of red rubies. Symbol of Bael, Lord of Assassins.
    This must be linked to the Ebon Triad, a small group within the aforementioned 3 churches.

As our presence alerted priests from the Temple of Bane, we eradicated all of them, apart from the high priest, Theldrick.


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