The Circle

Adventure log # 5

Adventure log # 5

Trying to get as much information our of the High Priest of Bane (Theldrick) as his journal as possible, we learned that the Temple of Myrkul is probably some labyrint of some sort. Bael, Lord of Assassins, is supposed to be more direct (strangely, his favored weapon is a longsword).

Theldrick‘s journal implied Bael’s temple harbored a magical/summoned beast of some sort, whom they refer to as the Overgod, while Myrkul‘s temple harbored a labyrint and a ’Faceless One’ whom we should be careful of, as this Faceless One is definitely a mage.
Razièl found a captured animal, wanting to try and help this poor creature. Lumen, Voren and I decided that time was of the essence and we decided to clear Bael’s Temple.

We cleared Bael’s Temple, they all fought to death, minions and also Grallak, the aforementioned monster-beast.

Note to self: Make sure Lumen doesn’t jump again without proper help.


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